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Our Mission
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We will deliver bespoke transformational learning and development experiences using all forms of digital platforms.

We will be the connection point between consumers and content owners.

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We will be the connection point between consumers and content owners by using our bespoke platform as a conduit.

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Our Vision
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To build a global community that heals the world through learning and transformation.

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Billy Selekane
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His Inspiration for founding the platform is to transform people’s lives especially within MEA (Middle East and Africa) and also in the Diaspora. Through his work and travel all over the world for the past 15 years or so he realized that developed countries are flooded with content, however in developing nations it is scarce.

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We will work with both our consumers and content owners in creating a holistic learning and developmental ecosystem driven by bespoke technologies.

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We are a profit driven organization with a highly developed sense of social responsibility.

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We espouse the notion of a connection economy therefore will not duplicate anything but connect and grow with other creators.

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Learning Organization

We are open to new ways of doing things and are life long learners.

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We are a bold and responsible organization, we will challenge and disrupt markets in everything we do.