CSP, SASHoF, EXPY a Best Selling Author, internationally acclaimed keynote Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur and Facilitator, founded Global Conference TV

Billy Selekane

His Inspiration for founding the platform is to transform people’s lives especially within MEA (Middle East and Africa) and also in the Diaspora.

Through his work and travel all over the world for the past 15 years or so he realized that developed countries are flooded with content, however in developing nations it is scarce. Not only is it scarce, the people in those countries do not have the means nor time to travel to cities to search and interact within Conferences meeting Coaches, Experts and Speakers.

Since there is so much growth of smart phones all over the world especially within the developing nations he saw an opportunity to create a platform, which can be easily accessed using smart phones and tablets. So his Vision is to create a convergence platform where people can come into one eco-system and get life changing content. He believes that what he will offer through his international strategic and collaborative process will change the developing nations and empower people. He believes that Wealth Creation should not only be for excess, and that when we teach people the right kind of attitude about success and wealth creation we will create confident individuals who will use their wealth to impact their immediate societies, countries, the continent and eventually the world. He is part of the Global Speakers federation therefore will leverage his global connections in getting the best content in the world to deliver to his viewers.

He believes that his content will craft a journey, which can be followed systematically, or people can focus on what inspires them. He has decided to focus on 6 offerings, which form a strategic journey, … Entrepreneurship, Digital Business, Public Speaking, Personal Branding, Wealth Creation and Leadership.

These offerings are the opening of relationship building, he will be driven by what the consumer want to experience and learn from. As the channel grows and penetrates the countries, people will eventually give us the direction to take. Even though most of the content is sourced in developed nations we will also be cultivating and using local talent in content curating and delivery.

He strongly believes that the over 1 Billion people in this region can and will change their lives and thus build much more caring and empathetic societies.

He is confident that as this journey grows people will join this Vision in building a better tomorrow and not leaving everything to chance.